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The end of the semester is upon us. Now that assessment and reporting time is just about over we have a week to create and reflect. Both the year 9s and the 7s will be working on creative projects for peer assessment.

When the report arrives, if you’re wondering what to do better next time, here are some tips:

  • Read every day and think about what you read.
  • Start work on assessment tasks as soon as you get them, doing a little every day is much easier than rushing to produce something worthwhile at the last moment.
  • Take some pride in your work. If you don’t care enough to produce something that you’re proud of, you can’t expect anyone else to be impressed with it.
  • Revise and summarise regularly rather than cramming for tests, it’s more effective and you’ll even remember stuff after you’ve been assessed on it.

Most importantly, have a good break.

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